Saw Blade Sharpening

Saw Blade Sharpening Banner

Fitch Lumber & Hardware carries a wide selection of different saw blades to cater to your every need. Made by only the best brands in the market today, you’re guaranteed of getting only high-quality blades with every purchase. 

Tool Repair Service  

Is your blade losing its edge? Fitch Lumber & Hardware is your drop-off point for professional blade sharpening services.  Bring it in and we’ll get it sharp again. Our Sharpening Services, located in Liberty, N.C. can handle different kinds of blades from circular saw blades to planer blades and router bits to chisels. The usual turnaround time is two weeks from drop-off to pick-up.  

Tool Rental  

Looking for tools to use but only for the duration of your project? Don’t worry – Fitch Lumber has got you covered. Our Tool Rental service lets you rent all the tools you need for a set period allowing you to get the job done without making a lifetime commitment to a particular set of hardware or tool. 

If you have any questions about our services, call us for exact pricing for your specific items, or if you have items that need sharpening that are not listed above, we can help.